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Before Visions of Sugar Plums opened in 1989, fundraising for schools, sports leagues, and youth groups throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland had to rely on mail order catalogs to supply the products that they sold to raise funds.  But once we opened our doors, fundraising options for these groups grew, not only by the addition of a company that waslocal, but by a brand new category:

Full Service Fundraising

Volunteers no longer have to settle for a "Do-It-Yourself" fundraiser supplied from somewhere across the country.   With our warehouse centrally located within the Tri-State area, we go one step further - offering not only well-established fundraisers such as wrapping paper, candles, cookie dough and candy bars, but also offering new and unique programs like Color-A-Thon and Tervis Tumblers.

P.O. Box 8093 * Newark, DE  19714    Phone:  302-545-7097 

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